River of Light

Location: River Thames, London

Client: Marks Barfield Architects

Sector: Culture, Civic and Sacred

Cost: N/A

Status: Concept

River of Light is a proposal to create new lighting to re-define and re-energise the environment along the Thames from Vauxhall Bridge.

The Vision:

River of Light will be driven by an Artistic Vision to include the active involvement of artists, engineers, architects, and others in its design and implementation.

River of Light is conceived as a 'Virtual Gallery' along the Thames, unifying the embankments, buildings and bridges, as well as the numerous large and small-scale works of public art, that define the centre of London.

River of Light will be Responsive, both to individual influence as well as natural and urban environmental forces, and plans to light both the built and natural environment along the Thames - including the river itself.

River of Light will be Participatory, allowing artists and others to influence and play with the colour, rhythm and harmony of the lighting.

River of Light will have longevity, creating opportunities for future variations on its many themes, including the establishment of an 'artist in residence' on the Thames.

River of Light will provide an ever-changing backdrop/environment for Television producers, filmmakers and media artists.

River of Light is above all to do with London expressing a pride in itself and communicating that through a celebration of the environment along the Thames.