Client: Skyhouse

Sector: Residential, Hotel

Cost: £100m

Status: Concept

Marks Barfield’s 2002 Skyhouse takes a fresh look at the design of the mixed-use, highrise, residential tower in response to the challenge of developing sustainable high density homes that people want to live in. The tower has mixed retail, restaurants and other amenities on the ground level. A single Skyhouse development can provide between 240-500 homes, with concierges offering convenient living, added security and actively promoting a sense of community. Apartments will range from affordable to premium, creating a good demographic mix.

Community areas are incorporated on every 10 floors, creating a strong neighbourhood. These can accomodate skygardens, skypools, gyms, crèches, barbecue areas, and areas for private use. The three leaf ‘clover’ plan channels wind into the centre of the Skyhouse cluster, driving silent turbines to generate electricity to power common areas, thus reducing running costs and service charges.