We had Scott talk to Marks Barfield Architects last May as part of our climate literacy drive. His presentation is scary, powerful, compelling and hugely informative. Highly recommended. @MarksBarfield #ClimateEmergency #BiodiversityEmergency @ScottwbMcAulay https://t.co/lNzMJLJTgb

Many thanks to Professor Shafi Ahmed for the insightful post on his visit to the #CambridgeCentralMosque!

https://t.co/G1WuWfCSjW https://t.co/KGXxCOdeKZ
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In Practice: How intelligent design helped one school stay Covid-secure https://t.co/BZSqBS16Dj

Being grateful is an integral part of our religion.

Today, on national #ThankYouDay we invited key workers across society to show our appreciation for their bravery and hard work.

On behalf of Cambridge Central Mosque, we say thank you

#CambridgeCentralMosque #EcoMosque https://t.co/tZgOFUXqsr

Good to learn more about great climate curriculum initiatives in the US and the brilliant @ArchitectsCAN curriculum toolkit @ACSAUpdate conference #ClimateEmergency https://t.co/ESQ1Oq47zQ

The gardens are flourishing at the Cambridge Central Mosque. We are excited to announce that the mosque has been shortlisted for the RIBA East 2021 Awards! @RIBAEast
#garden #mosque #cambridgecentralmosque #Cambridge https://t.co/sJgVAqeYsg
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