Grieving again this morning at this awful, needless act of national self-harm. Grieving for our impoverished, shrunken lives and those of our kids. Grieving that the grinning gaslighters and profiteers have weaponised the worst instincts. Grim.

Designed by architects @MarksBarfield the eco-friendly @CamCtrlMosque has a number of zones, from the street to the prayer hall. The garden is the first one and this portico is the second. Three features here: supporting wooden trees, calligraphic brickwork, large skylights. MarksBarfield photo

Architects Declare organisers: ‘We want to influence, not name and shame’

MBA is shortlisted for both Education/Social Care/Community and Commercial projects framework for @lb_southwark! Look forward to more involvement in making great places in Southwark!

Durham Police have concluded Cummings broke the law. This raises further questions about the conduct of @SuellaBraverman. She has a vital constitutional role and we at @GoodLawProject don't believe she is discharging it properly. That's why we're acting.