MBA is developing a circular economy strategy; with reuse in retrofit projects. Existing material passports will log relevant data to suggest clear journeys of reuse. By mining the Anthropocene embodied carbon is kept to a minimum, to preserve the earth’s natural resources. MarksBarfield photo
Swinging at the first ever Footprint event in Brighton- focusing on decarbonisation of construction industry @footprintshow MarksBarfield photo
Delighted to be at first Footprint event in Brighton i360 ‘Pedal to Footprint’ Cycle ride for Charity. @footprintshow . ⁦ @BA_i360⁩ Looking forward to first full day. Watch out MIPIN ! MarksBarfield photo
Join us for our first in-person #BuildingStories event on 5 April! Julia Barfield @MarksBarfield will share the story behind her project Cambridge Central Mosque alongside Jo van Heyningen @vHH_Architects and sustainability lead Mina Hasman @SOM_Design
MarksBarfield photo