Enjoyed collaborating with The Landscape partnership @TheLandscapePa1 on "stay in the city" article featured on The Landscape Institute Journal! @talklandscape https://t.co/vydYDu2omy https://t.co/0XPGMCQ04B MarksBarfield photo

Delighted to join QUB + Gary Clark. Looking forward to working with them & QCAN as they develop their climate curriculum - a honour indeed. @MarksBarfield @HOKLondon @QUBelfast @ArchitectsCAN #ClimateEmergency https://t.co/jDD02hEj8O

We are delighted and honoured that @JuliaBarfield, @MarksBarfield and Gary Clark, @HOKLondon have been appointed Honorary Professors joining existing Hon. Prof. John Cole in enriching our teaching and research. #qubarchdeclares #architectsdeclare #loveQUB https://t.co/m2zqLtL4i7

Work in progress: Bespoke joinery design for The Lantern. In collaboration with @SignatureCnc and WoodWorktops!

#biophilicdesign #bespoke #joinery #timber https://t.co/oP3sVNPCRr
MarksBarfield photo

Unitised façade panels being installed on The Lantern - 75 Hampstead Road. #8build #permasteelisa #facade #Construction #london https://t.co/a1UqT9zYNG MarksBarfield photo