We are thrilled to announce our latest office building, the Lantern, has been awarded the BCO London Commercial Workplace of the year 2023! Thanks to the MBA team, the visionary client Lazari Investments Ltd and the wider team in creating a regenerative office design! https://t.co/x9j6j3k9OU MarksBarfield photo
Elements of Delight:The mass glulam timber structure at the top of the atrium follows a pattern taken from the geometry of the 2 intersecting grids from the original building.The sight line from Warren St Tube prompted the idea of designing a dynamic signature window,The Lantern! https://t.co/phJ1uFMtLU MarksBarfield photo
The Lantern, Natural Materials: The oak panel detailing in the building was crafted by local joinery experts. Timber elements promote a connection to nature and low carbon design. The stone and brick façade is made up of 62% solid and 38% glazing; within the targets set by LETI! https://t.co/kPIULFM7sJ MarksBarfield photo
The Lantern, Biophilia: Biophilic design permeates the building supporting a strong connection to nature; shown to help lessen toxins, reduce stress and improve productivity. Plants and trees create a forest floor at the atrium base, with a flowing water rill.
#biophilicdesign https://t.co/OlFipL2ylM
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The Lantern,Health and Wellbeing: Following attendance at the 2016 BCO conference in Amsterdam,health and wellbeing became a key focus. The link between staff wellbeing and greater productivity was pointed out,becoming the driving force of our workplace design.
#wellbeing #design https://t.co/ODd4EJd0Gn
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The Lantern, Reuse of structure:

The building retains 33% of its primary structure - the foundations, the basement structure and the ground floor slab. Lettable area has been increased by 46% from original.

#design #lowcarbon #reuse #architecture https://t.co/XIePkdXXrh
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