i360 plus

Like the London Eye, the i360 plus will offer visitors constantly changing views and a shared experience, using innovative technology, and with significantly lower construction and operating
costs than a London Eye. The i360 plus will be:

• The tallest vertically ascending observation platform in the world.
• The first 100% self sufficient renewable energy producing observation tower in the world.
• A pioneer of state-of-the-art damping technology to achieve incredible slenderness, stability and comfortable ride.
• Capable of carrying up to 400 people at a time in a unique double-deck spacious capsule.

Proven concept

Observation experiences are amongst the most popular and stable attractions in the world. The concept of an observation experience has been well proven with the London Eye and other observation
towers, everywhere in the world. The London Eye was an extremely profitable venture delivering an excellent return on investment to its funders and shareholders. The i360 plus brings a new, unique
visitor experience and is expected to generate significant profits.

Proven team

The i360 plus team brings together leading designers, engineers and operators, all with proven experience from the London Eye and other visitor attractions. They possess unique insight into the market
for such visitor attractions and the technical knowledge and skills to make them work.The i360 plus is an observation tower with a slowly ascending double-deck air-conditioned passenger capsule, offering 360-degree panoramic views.

Key features of the design:

• 360 metre slender high

• Slowly ascending viewing pod rising to 320 metres

• Spacious, totally enclosed, air-conditioned pod for up to 400 persons

• 360-degree walk-around experience for all ages

• Damped to minimise wind-induced movement and ensure passenger comfort

• Ancillary building for ticketing, retail, catering and receptions