Abyaar Clubhouse

Location: Dubai

Client: Abyaar Real Estate Development Co.

Sector: Leisure and Sports, Master Plans

Status: Concept Design

The Abyaar Clubhouse is situated at the heart of the Abyaar Residential Development designed by Marks Barfield.

The site is located within a central open space of varied landscape and water features. The design approach of the clubhouse supports the overall concept for the development which is based on soft, natural forms complimented by sweeping landscape.

The proposed clubhouse is conceived as recreational facility for the local residents.The site features an outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, bar, and seating area for visitors. The dominant feature of the design is an elegant canopy that undulates radially and contains an oculus at its centre.

The purpose of the canopy is to provide shading and wind protection for the internal functions of the clubhouse such as the gym, changing rooms and a café with an indoor seating area overlooking the pool. The canopy extends beyond the building to provide cover for the external seating areas around the pool.

The structure of the canopy is composed of a concrete shell 24 meters in radius with radial ribs supported on two rings of columns. Special consideration is given to the interior atmosphere of the clubhouse. The central space is flanked by two gently-curved walls finished with a beautiful wave-like relief that dematerializes the structure making the canopy appear as if it is floating over the space.