Bridge of the Future

Location: Grand Canyon, USA

Sector: Bridges and Infrastructure

Cost: N/A

Status: Competition Winning

The idea for this unique skeletal structure was conceived by Marks Barfield and Jane Wernick, drawing inspiration from dinosaur bones. The technical originality of the bridge is that it is designed so it can be constructed from one side only without the need for any scaffolding.

This critically acclaimed project gained much media exposure including a feature on BBC's 'Tomorrow's World'.

"This was the one we felt best expressed the theme of 'an image of the bridge of the future'. The graphical image is striking, with the derivations of the idea clearly expressed. The brief referred to the world of nature, and the relationship between nature and the structure are explored well. The bridge would be a joy to walk over".
Judges' comments

"A competition-winning design for a bridge inspired structurally by elements of a dinosaur's spine impressed assessors with its ancient credentials and futuristic feel."
The Architect's Journal