China Railway Group HQ

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Client: China Railway Group

Sector: Office, Commercial, Mixed Use

Cost: £42m

Our concept: 

This proposed tower presents a vision of many towers, bound together like many poles of bamboo, representing a combined tower of strength and resilience. Diversity in unity.

Principle features of the proposed building:

  • Highly efficient - net/gross 85%
  • Very flexible and adaptable floor-plates – column-free space
  • Excellent working environment – potential for 14 x ‘corner’ offices per floor
  • Low energy and sustainable – photovoltaic panels and ground source heat pumps
  • Simple and inexpensive construction – standardised building components
  • Distinctive and reliable image

Energy design concepts:

  • Separate systems for office tower and commercial areas provide operational flexibility
  • All-electric services with ground coupled air-conditioning heat dispersal achieves zero local pollution, i.e. waste heat from air-conditioning units go to Ground enables free pollution and sick building syndrome
  • photovoltaic roof panels save energy
  • Localised onfloor services equipment provide excellent operational flexibility, reliability and reduce services distribution energy looses. That is Services plants are located on each floor, independent from one another.
  • Variable volume air supplies to office spaces provide temperature controls and save energy
  • High efficiency LED lighting with photocell controls provides long life and reduce energy use
  • Multiple corner offices improve daylighting
  • Dehumidifiers for the skygardens