Gold Coast Mixed Use Development

Location: Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia

Client: Ridong Gold Coast

Sector: Residential, Hotel

Status: Competition Concept

The proposed design for Ridong Gold Coast comprises approximately 800,000sq.ft of premium, luxury, and serviced apartments and a 5* hotel arranged around a central landscaped garden on a 1.2 hectare site which opens up directly onto the beach.

Designed to stand out and fit in at the same time, the development is designed to maximise value, create a green development that pushes the boundaries for sustainable high rise living, and ensure that energy costs and life cycle costs are kept to a minimum.

The buildings are distributed around the perimeter of the site in order to create a public amenity in the heart of the scheme with a vibrant, welcoming and ’open’ urban character. All buildings are designed to maximise the benefits of the natural climate, facilitate well-being, healthy living and encourage the residents and visitors to minimise their environmental impact while providing high quality living spaces.

A 3-storey ‘skybeam’ with sensational views over the coastline, spans the void between two 50-storey high towers. The 'skybeam' development houses luxury apartments, a 5* hotel, serviced apartments and creates a distinctive and recognisable landmark on the skyline. Three shorter, 15-storey high, beachfront condos provide premium apartments with 180 degree views above a doughnut shaped podium containing restaurants, shops and a spa. All residential units are designed with generous wind-sheltered balconies to allow the most to be made of the great climate on the Gold Coast.