Lambeth BSF, Norwood Secondary School

Location: Southwest London

Client: London Borough of Lambeth

Sector: Education

Cost: £7m

Status: Detailed Design

The existing, 1960s school cannot accommodate the new planned intake for the school and has issues with inefficient circulation, inaccessibility, dining is split on two levels, outdoor areas are poor, and the school's performance specialism is not apparent.

Marks Barfield have proposed a new circulation space linking the north and south blocks, a new performance hall at the front of the school, as well as learning resource centre and dance studios, refurbished faculty areas within the school and a dynamic front elevation to the school celebrating the school's specialism and relationship with its community.

The landscape also reflects the school's specialism providing a variety of outdoor areas for different activities and a new outdoor 'heart' space which the glazed circulation space, learning resource centre and dining area all spill out onto.