Link Bridge

Location: City of London

Client: Deutsche Bank

Sector: Bridges and infrastructure

Cost: Confidential

Status: Concept

Based on the universal form of the cube, the proposed bridge link will be a unique design by virtue, firstly, of its striking location suspended five stories up between two buildings of contrasting architectural style and, secondly, by its materiality.

Clad in mirror-polish stainless steel, each fa├žade of the six-metre cube will be covered with optical quality convex, polished, stainless steel mirrors which will provide multiple near-identical images of the world around. The abstract, regular, simple shape of the cube has been manipulated in space to negotiate the shift in plan and floor level between buildings on opposite sides of the narrow street. It has been conceived in response to the constraints and opportunities presented by the site, in particular the natural desire lines, change in level, and accessibility. This simple, spontaneous shift in plan and elevation creates a dynamic perspective of the cube from all viewpoints.

Being more than just a functional link between two buildings, an opportunity presents itself to create in mid-space a gallery in which it becomes possible to display small works of art.

Short glazed cantilevers connect the cube to its two neighbours.