Saltley Secondary School

Location: Birmingham

Client: Birmingham BSF - Schools transformation

Sector: Education

Cost: £12m

Status: Completed 2012

The strategy for the transformation / refurbishment of Saltley School is an exercise striving to do more with less. Our focus has been to achieve the maximum positive change, reaching as many parts of the school as possible, and for the school as a whole – using every penny of an extremely modest budget to its maximum effect.

The strategy is characterised by a number of simple, incisive moves:

  1. Demolition of the dining and kitchen block and its relocation to a central position in the school.
  2. Building a new, low cost, ‘off the peg’ sports hall
  3. Demolition of the boys gym, thus creating a larger unified playground area with no hidden corners
  4. Creation of six learning clusters – with social learning zones and direct access to outdoor learning
  5. Learning from the clarity of the original 1920s school design – configuring the substantial element of new build area to create a third courtyard
  6. Creation of a clear circulation diagram that, again, builds on the strengths of the original school with its clear, arched, open circulation around the quads
  7. The insertion of small but significant elements of contemporary design into areas of the school where they will have maximum impact
  8. Creating a clear strategy for future community use, accessed from the circulation hub

Sustainable and environmental features:

  • Air Tightness
  • Encourage Recycling
  • Energy Submetering + Targeting
  • Heat Recovery System
  • Highly Insulated Envelope
  • Materials Chosen for Durability and Long Life
  • Maximise locally sourced materials to minimise transport
  • Non V.O.C. Paint
  • Off-site Construction
  • Reduce Construction Wastage
  • Robust Detailing
  • Shading / Overhangs
  • Thermal Mass
  • Water Attenuation
  • Water Saving Fixtures