The Beacon

Sector: Product Design

Marks Barfield Architects, XCO2 and Price & Myers teamed up to propose 6,650 Beacon wind turbines for London as an efficient means to meet 50% of the Mayor’s target of 665 GWh/year to be provided from renewable sources.

In the Mayor’s Energy Strategy ‘Green light to clean power’ it states that 40,000 renewable energy schemes would be required to meet this target. In fact 6,650 Beacons could provide this target by having, on average, one beacon per 24 hectares.

Designed to be located on roundabouts, along major roads, and in other appropriate areas of the urban realm, the Beacon’s 40m high Y-shaped structure will harness energy from the strong winds above the city’s rooftops, with minimal visual impact on the skyline.

The Beacon’s structure supports five vertical ‘triple-helix’ wind turbines, each five metres high and three metres diameter, designed to achieve ultra quiet operation and more efficient utilisation of urban winds. Each beacon would generate over 50,000kWh/yr, and be connected directly into the local grid to service local homes and businesses generating power in the city for the city.