Tintagel Bridge

Location: Cornwall

Client: English Heritage

Sector: Bridges and Infrastructure

Status: Competition

Length: 72 meters


Engineers: Flint & Neil

Architect: Marks Barfield Architects

English Heritage and Malcolm Reading Consultants launched an international design competition for an inspired and dedicated team, comprising both architectural and engineering expertise, to design a new footbridge at Tintagel.

One of the most spectacular historic sites within English Heritage’s care and inextricably linked to the legend of King Arthur, Tintagel Castle in north Cornwall has been prized throughout history for its elemental beauty and spirit of place. The ruins of the 13th-century castle are an outstanding example of a man-made monument interacting with a natural feature – the narrow land-bridge, much eroded over the centuries, linking the headland (or Island) with the mainland.

The brief asked finalists to design a beautiful, structurally-elegant bridge that would will be in harmony with the exceptional setting; Tintagel Castle being a Scheduled Ancient
Monument lying within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The new footbridge will be 28 metres higher than the current crossing and 72 metres in span. It will open up exhilarating views of Tintagel, the surrounding coastline and Atlantic seascape as it traces the path, now lost through collapse and erosion, of the original land-link. It is expected to transform the visitor experience, improving both visitors’ understanding of the site and access.

Marks Barfield Architects and Flint & Neill were 1 of 6 finalist teams shortlisted from an initial 137 applications.